Lost Horizons (2019)

20′ – Flute, Percussion (Vibes, Japanese rim, 3 Cymbales, Large Tam, Metal Chimes, Crotales, Hang, 2 little gongs) & Strings
Commission:  Philharmonisches Orchester Freiburg im Breisgau (D)
Creation 18/2/2020 Konzerthaus. Freiburg im Breisgau (D) Doris Marronaro (flute),  Tilman Collmer (percussion) , Ektoras Tartanis (Conductor)

Lost Horizon is a 1933 novel by English witer James Hilton. The book was turned into a movie, also caled Lost Horizon, in 1937 by director Franck Capra. Story of Shangri-La, a fictional utopian lamasery located high in the moutains of Tibet.
The 2 soloists start the work in the audience before finishing in a classical position in front of the orchestra.
The work will be in one mouvement.

GOTAN Concerto (2017)

27’ –  3mvts: Gotan-Serenity-Sahara
Creation 26/3/2017 Brucknersaal Linz.(Austria) Wave Quartet, Romanian National Symphony
Orchestra. Conductor: Cristian Mandeal
Publisher: Alfonce Production for all versions 

Versions :

GOTAN version Quartet marimbas without strings orchester
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8034 P) 

GOTAN version Quartet marimbas with Strings orchester
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8032 P)
marimba parts are the same as quartet version

GOTAN Double Concerto for 2 marimbas & strings
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8037 P)

GOTAN Double Concerto for 2 Marimbas & Piano reduction
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8039 P)

GOTAN Double Concerto for Marimba solo, Vibes solo, Strings
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8033 P)
One Marimba part stays the same as version 2 marimbas

GOTAN Double Concerto Marimba solo, Vibes solo & ensemble percussion
(glock, xylophone,Vibra, Marimba 2 players, timpani, 2 perc)
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8035 P)
Solo parts stay the same as with Strings

GOTAN Double Concerto for Marimba solo, Vibes solo & Piano reduction
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8038 P)

Double Concerto for Vibes, Marimba & Orchestra (2012)

25’ –  3mvts
Marimba solo 5 octaves, Vibes Solo & Full orchestra (strings, 1 picc, 2 fl, 1 Ob, 2 Cl, Fagott, 2 Trp, 2 F.Horn, 2 Trb, 1 Tuba, Timpani, 3 percussions)
Commission:  Tatiana Koleva
Creation 28/3/2012 Festival Russe (Bulgary) Tatiana Koleva, Emmanuel Séjourné, Sofia soloists
Publisher: Alfonce Production (ref: A.8020 P)

Versions :
Marimba solo, Vibes solo, strings, timpani & 3 percussions
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8021 P)

Marimba solo, Vibes solo, piano réduction
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8022 P)

Marimba solo, Vibes solo, Percussion ensemble
Percussion ensemble: 9 players: glock, xylo, vibra, 2 Mbas, Timpani, Percussion 1 (snare, hi hat), percussion 2 (B,Drum, cymbale, Tam), Percussion 3 (Tubular bells, triangle, Basque)
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8023 P)

Magellan Concerto  for Percussion & strings (2010)

19’05   5mvts
Soloist : marimba, vibes, snare-drum, 2 set-up (Bass-drum, 4 toms, 2 bongos, 1 t block, 4 cymbales) (Bell, Tam, Vibra slap, 4 bottles, 5 tblocks, triangle, 2 little gongs, 1 crash)
Strings : 8/6/4/4/2 minimum
Commission « Concours International Percussion Cannes » & Norsk Musikforlag
Creation : Cannes (France) 5/12/2010 Orchestre de Cannes
Publisher  Norsk Musikforlag

Version :
Percussion & Piano

Publisher  Norsk Musikforlag

ConCerto Fuoco for Marimba/Percussion & Brass-band (2009)

Commission Attilio Terlizzi
Publisher Alfonce Production (ref: A.8027)

America’s Cup Concerto for multi-percussion and full orchestra (2007)

Commission  JMWorld Orchestra
Creation : 8/7/2007 Valencia (Spain)  Josep Vincent & JMWOrchestra

Carmina 86 (2007) for choir (SATB), 2 pianos & 5 percussion

5’ –
Commission INECC Luxembourg
Creation : 2/8/2007 Luxembourg Direction Camille Kerger
Publisher by Norsk Musikforlag

Ketsana (2006) for full orchestra

12’ –
Commission JMWorld  Orchestra &Josep Vincent
Creation : 27/7/2006 Valencia( Spain) Josep Vincent & JMWOrchestra
Publisher Norsk Musikforlag

Concerto for Marimba & Strings (2005-2015)

22’3    3 mvts  –
marimba 5 octaves
Strings 8/6/4/4/2 or more
Commission Bogdan Bacanu
Creation : Linz Austria July 2005/ Bucarest April 2015
Publisher  Norsk Musikforlag
CD B.Bacanu, Wave Quartet, Romanian Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Cristian Mandeal (Genuin record)

Marimba & Wind Orchestra
 Arrangement : Jordan Gudefin
Publisher Norsk Musikforlag

Marimba & Piano
Publisher Norsk Musikforlag

Book of Gemmes (2003) for 2 percussion & Choir

16’ –  5 mvts
Texte latin de l’évêque Marbode (1037-1125)
Percussion : 2 tams, vibes, 2 cymbals, 2 BD, 4 toms, 2 bongos, tubular bells, marimba, 2 timpani, flexaton, Rim
choir: SATB
Creation : 16/5/2003 Festival Durango USA Durango Choral Society direction Linda Mack, Gary Cook & John Pennington  percussion
Commission Gary Cook & John Pennington
Publisher Alfonce Production

Concerto for 3 percussion & Wind Orchestra (2002)

20’  – 2 mvts –
Percussion : vibra, glock, bell tree, 2 cymbals, BD, Tubular bells, Tam, Xylo, Bongos, 2 blocks, Tom bass, BD pedal, hi-hat
Brass-band : 1 piccolo, fl, Ob, Fagott (option), Cl, Cl.b, A sax, T sax, B sax, Trp, F Horn, Trb, Trb.b, Tuba, Euphoniums (option) Cb (option) timbales, 3 percussions
Commission ADDIM 78
Creation 9/12/2002 Héricourt France Harmonie d’Héricourt Direction William Grosjean
Publisher  Alfonce Production

Concerto for Vibes & Strings (1999)

18’  – 2 mvts
Strings (8/6/4/4/2) or more, Vibes solo
Commission Vibes International Competition Claude Giot
Publisher Alfonce production
Creation : by Orchestre d’Auvergne 1999
CD Alexandru Anastasiu with Bucharest National Radio Orchestra

Vibes & 5 percussion

Arrangement : Gérard lecointe
Publisher Alfonce Production

Vibes & Piano
Publisher Alfonce Production

Ta voix contre la pauvreté (2008)

25’ – 
Suite for Ténor, soprano, Choir, Synthé & 2 percussions
Texte « déclaration des droits de l’homme »
Commission Inecc Luxembourg
Creation 20/9/2008 Luxembourg